BUSINESS PROJECT: Production of smart clothes

I start business project:
Production of smart clothes and fabric with electronics interwoven into fibers.
I attract investments and partners by the end of 2015.
I start this project in 1. quarter 2017.

1. Expanded description of the project
Hi-tech clothes – the requirement of the nearest future! Already now there is a set of examples of smart clothes, but on commercial rails so far almost anybody didn’t start it. In the project purchase of ready technologies / patents or involvement of engineers for generation of independent decisions and production for next sale of patents and technologies to producers of clothes or directly manufacturers.
Our clients are:
– textile enterprises and manufacturers of clothes (80% of our clients)
– fashion houses
– designers
– world brands
What do I mean by smart clothes?
The clothes allocated with special characteristics:
– change of color, light, luminescence
– change of structure of fabric “in touch”
– clothes with the built-in sensors: accelerometer, gps trackers, Wi-Fi, photo camera, motion sensors, lighting sensors, voice-activated control, infrared sensors, tactile sensors, collision sensor
– maintenance of body temperature, heating, or cooling
– reading of indicators of vital activity, measurement of pulse, oxygen, etc.
– other nanotechnologies applicable to fabric, including pushing away of dirt, alien components, particles.
In what way? Fabric into which microfibres with electronics are interwoven at once (wires, chips, sensors, etc.). The special production technologies of fabric meaning smart threads (silver threads) which are carrying out a role of wires, the compact superthin chips covered with fibers with full integration into fabric.
There is my vision. There are already technologies and people who are engaged in it, it is necessary to unite potentials and to make a cool and demanded product for a big market.
Also we can make ready fabric, to ship rolls + separately option electronics. Or ready fabric, with built in electronics:
Fabric with «warm cold» electronics
Fabric with «light color» electronics
Fabric with « geoservices» electronics
Fabric with «health» electronics, etc.
Here of course is a big scope for reflection over our future product. First we need begin with understanding that it is necessary, interesting and we have money for it. Further we must visit all world exhibitions on this subject, find experts and specialists. Then to make a decision, in which direction it is better moving and what to realize. And the commercial success is depending of me as a manager. How I will be able effectively to unit technologies, human and financial resources.
Advance all offline: exhibitions and conference.
3. What resources we need?
– The project manager with experience in the sphere of wearable electronics or a top sales manager of difficult technologies.
– the development manager
– wearable electronics engineer
– the textile production engineer
– the development manager of software
– fashion designer
– the marketing manager
– sewing shop, employees
– production shop, employees
– warehouse, employees
It is need 1800000 USD to an exit to operational payback.
– purchase of technologies – 500000 USD
– showroom –10000 USD a month
– the room for production – 10000 USD a month
– registration of the firm in Hong Kong and representations in Shanghai 10000 USD
– creation of the web-site of 3500 USD
– the budget on exhibitions and all offline advance – 12000 USD a month
– fund of compensation – 35000 USD a month
– not considered expenses 4500 USD a month
4. Plan for sales and profit
Expenses – 72000 USD a month
Operational payback – 18 months.
Return of investments – 10 years
5. What risks are?
Human factor
Problems with introduction of technologies
Problems of patents
Activity of competitors
Question of washing of smart clothes

On all questions write:
Yurlov Aleksandr Vladimirovich